It’s About Time...isn’t it?

75% of UK employees favour a job that gives them the option of flexible work schedules.  Let’s say that again, a three quarters of people working in these great British Isles would welcome an opportunity to change the way they work.

If so many people are looking for flexibility in their work why isn’t it happening?

From an employers’ perspective consistent themes appear; productivity will be lower, it will be more difficult to manage the workforce, senior employees need to be available (and visible), the culture of the business will change. These fears are real and they are grounded in social behaviour and expectations that have been the everyday working pattern for generations.


These social norms also impact how employees approach “the conversation” too.   Even with the weight of UK law supporting their request for flexible work or more recently to  shared parental leave, the take up of such rights is low -  with only 2% of families eligible taking up the option of shared leave.


The Government states a lack of awareness as the reason why working practices in the UK are so rigid.  Sadly we have to say that on many levels we agree.  Which is why we’re launching a campaign to help raise more awareness and build greater build confidence in the benefits and “how to” of flexible working.  We believe that it’s about time we ripped up the old code and wrote a new one.


From debating the benefits of flexible working with Bristol Business hour to a competition to win up to 2 hours of free career coaching, #ItsAboutTime will look to educate and empower both sides of the work/life balance*  


If more businesses understand the benefits of flexible working then more opportunities will be created. If more men and women feel empowered to have “the conversation” then they will help shape new roles for the future


According to the UK Working Lives 2018 Report from the CIPD working too much remains a far more common problem than not having enough work.  #ItsAboutTime we changed that!


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