Interviews: top tips

Interviews can be nerve racking, especially so if you are returning to work after some time out. Below are our top 5 tips to help you to make the best impression.

We are always happy to do a mock interview for anyone returning to work after a career break or interviewing for a flexible role (regardless of whether the role is one advertised by us). If you want to practise your interview skills, get in touch 


Top tips

1. Prepare: research the company and find a couple of facts you can reference in the interview, practise some competency questions - these will help you to think through your skills and experience. It is fine to take notes to glance at but don't read from them - especially if you are asked to run through your CV.

2. Arrive in plenty of time: plan your route. Try to allow time for a coffee next door - it allows you some headspace to prepare and read through your notes.

3. Ask the right questions: always ask questions, think about what is important to you about the company and the role.....the interview is for you to check the company is a fit for you as well as the other way around

4. Smile and be confident: you will feel nervous, everyone does. However, smiling will make you feel more positive. Try to use "I" more than "we" and think of positive sentence starts "I managed", "I accomplished", "I established", I prioritised" etc.

5. Follow-up (if possible): if you know the contact details of the person who interview you (in a non-creepy way!) then you can follow-up. Simply thank them for their time, the opportunity to chat through your experience and express your interest in the role. Don't ask for or expect a response but it is a polite way to keep you on their radar.

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