How to get your CV read: a compelling personal statement

In a world where the average hiring manager spends 30 seconds reviewing a CV, starting yours with a strong personal statement can make all the difference in getting you through the door.

Here at Flexology, we see a wide range of CVs and whilst all are fairly uniform, containing work experience and education/qualification background, the personal statement varies enormously. Some are very well written, some are clearly an afterthought (despite being at the start of the page!) and some don’t have one at all. We have a few tips and examples below to help you make yours stand out.

How to write a great personal statement

The basics

Firstly, the fundamentals. A personal statement should be a maximum of 4-5 lines. Within these, you should include:

Who are you? Introduce yourself: your profession, highlight any key qualifications, key attributes

What do you offer? Sell yourself: your experience, key skills and achievements, try to include some quantifiable examples

What you are looking for? Why them: career goals, ideal employer, what drew you to the role


Some examples and commentary

“I am a highly motivated Head of Engineering with experience of running multiple teams covering multiple products and multiple areas. I have a strong technical background covering a wide range of areas including software development, safety critical systems design, high availability architecture, testing and Agile product management. I possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, a strong academic background and keen business acumen. I grasp new concepts very quickly and excel in a challenging technical environment.”

This is a great example. It could be improved by a quantifiable example, perhaps of a successful project delivery. A line at the end linking career goals to the role/employer could also be a benefit.


“Conscientious and professional individual with 32 years’ experience in the banking/finance industry. Highly organised and accurate with a thorough and precise approach to projects which has yielded excellent results. Proven track record of success, including setting up of a Data Quality Centre. Currently out of work due to redundancy of the whole team, looking for a new opportunity in finance.”

This is a very good start, adding an idea of scale to the data quality centre and tailoring it to a role would improve it.


“A qualified Chartered Accountant with 13 years’ experience seeking a new opportunity in a dynamic and challenging organisation. I am a diligent individual with strong analytical skills and technical knowledge, keen to develop and progress where I can demonstrate my ability to lead and work within a team to support both finance and non-financial professionals to meet challenging deadlines.”

Again, a great start. This has room for a couple more sentences and we would expand the 13 years’ experience and add some achievements


“A UK qualified, commercially focused solicitor with current Membership of the SRA and significant general commercial experience. As well as being an extremely flexible, highly motivated individual with the ability to adapt to the demands of a challenging role, I have a wealth of experience working both in-house and in private practice in various disciplines with a significant background in data protection, debt recovery, insurance litigation, asset finance, company, commercial and regulatory law.”

A brilliant example, just really to be tailored to a role. Again, some quantifiable achievement could be a benefit

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