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So it's about 10 days since Flexology, Hello Performance and Discover Your Bounce came together to host an event focused on how to improve Culture, Talent and Wellbeing in your organisation.

I have been asked about the outcomes of the event by some of you, so I wanted to share these with you.

22 October 2019
Irresistible Organisation

I have been asked about the outcomes of the event by some of you, so I thought I'd share these with you.

1.Vision and Values are key to everything, what does your business stand for and why should candidates considering working for you or why should your staff stay working for you - purpose is so important, especially to the younger generations, make sure your staff know it! This will help you to build your culture.

2. Process and planning are vital, all 3 speakers talked about setting up and going through a process, whether it's to redefine your culture, introduce or make improvements to flexible working or to implement wellness initiatives, use the GROW method to help you;

G - Goal - Where do you want to be

R - Reality - Where are you now

O - Options/Obstacles - What are your options, what could stop you

W - Will - What will you do today/tomorrow to achieve your goals? How will you get there?

Flexology has a tried and tested five-phase process that we work through with our clients when we implement change to ensure we understand your goals and achieve them.

Irresistible Organisation

3. Expertise - Change isn't easy but nothing worth doing is! Plan for highs and lows in the process and call in the experts, to talk through how they have helped other businesses, the pitfalls to avoid and how to plan for success when implementing changes to your CultureTalent, and Wellbeing

Irresistible Organisation

My talk focused on Talent, and whilst flexible working hasn't reached every organisation - the majority of parents would like to work flexibly, however only half of parents currently do it was great to see that many businesses don't need convincing about Flexible Working, some of your staff working flexibly and they enjoy balance.


At a high level businesses seemed to have 3 challenges;

  1. Attracting and retaining the most talented staff- amongst tough competition from other businesses - our tailored recruitment services can help with this
  2. Overcoming hiring manager flexible working concerns - our consulting services and hiring manager lunch and learn sessions can help with this
  3. Improving current flexible working processes and issues (particularly in team cohesion and comms) - our consulting services can help with this
Irresistible Organisation

There seemed to be an emerging trend of some businesses where flexible working is already in place but they are experiencing challenges;

  • How to ensure the flexible workers are effective/efficient;
  • What to do when the team grows and more people want flexible working
  • How to overcome communication barriers
  • Process to ensure smooth handover with the team
  • Dealing with isolation and engagement of remote workers

Flexology can help you to look at these issues and help you to ensure all your teams (flexible or not) are helping you to achieve your business goals by using our five phase process.

Get in touch today for a free initial consultation on how we can help you overcome your challenges, so that you can achieve your business goals.