Spotlight on Finance - Unlocking the skills gap

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Could offering flexible recruitment be the key to unlocking the skills gap?


27 July 2017

CIPD Research shows that 78% HR professionals struggle to recruit suitably skilled staff and 77% have problems retaining staff, can offering flexible recruitment be the key to unlocking the skills gap?

A recent Economia article focuses on an employers survey, where 6% had at least one vacancy that could not be filled because no candidates with specific skills could be hired, up from 4% in 2013. In total, employers reported 209,000 skill-shortage vacancies, up from 146,000 in 2013

Economia advise that "Employers need to consider the requirements of different groups of potential employees when putting together rewards and benefits packages, from older workers as mentioned above to Millennials. Research suggests many of the latter are increasingly likely to want to work for employers that put a strong emphasis on an ethical approach, employee engagement, training and development; and that enable flexible working."

Recently a senior finance professional told us that there are significant benefits for SME businesses "very few part time roles emerge for senior finance people, despite there being significant benefits for an organisation. SME's typically are not aware of the value that a strategic thinking Finance Director can add to their business and many can not afford a full time FD. Therefore the benefit of a part time FD is that they can bring significant experience but at a reduced cost to support strategic and operational business decision making."

The world of work is changing, is the Finance profession ready? Flexology are bringing a fresh approach that will challenge the way companies think about recruitment and their people strategy and lead them to attract more talent, close skills gaps and retain more of their staff, all of which will lead to better bottom line results for the organisations.