Recruiter or direct: why using a recruitment agency will give you an edge

Looking for a new job has never been quicker or easier. There’s job boards, social media, recruitment agencies and headhunters - with the option to apply by email, through online portals, with speculative CVs and one-click processes. 

And with the majority of businesses advertising their own roles on their websites, it’s just as straightforward for you to apply to them directly. 

So why should you go through a recruitment agency rather than applying directly? Here’s our top five reasons for choosing us as your recruiter.


23 May 2019

Given the ease of which you can find and apply for new roles online, it’s easy to question what value a professional recruitment consultant can add to your search efforts. But it’s important to understand that not all recruitment agencies provide the same service.

Whilst applying directly using an ineffective recruiter is undoubtedly a better option, using a good recruitment agency will not only increase your chances of getting the role you want, but will also ensure that you’re supported and informed throughout the process.

We understand what you want

Before discussing specific roles, a good recruiter will spend time talking to you. We can’t match you to a vacancy until we understand more about your career to-date; we want to know what’s important to you, what drives you and what you want to achieve. We’ll review your CV and offer practical tips on how to improve it. We can even draw upon our own professional, client-side experience and provide sector-specific career advice. 

Most importantly, a good recruiter will have your best interests - and the interests of their clients - at heart. Trust us when we say that we’re rooting for you; we want you to do well and succeed. So avoid anyone that you feel is pushing you in a certain direction or isn’t interested in what you want.

We know our markets

Start-ups, high growth, Big 4, Top 100, disruptive tech, digital specialists - the list is long and varied. But as recruiters, it’s our job to understand our clients and their business. We’re in constant contact with them and we know what recruitment challenges they’re facing.

We also know who the hiring manager is - and we’re very likely to have been briefed directly by them. This means that we’re crystal clear on exactly what they’re looking for, we know which boxes need to be ticked and we have insider insight into the role which goes far beyond the details outlined in the standard job spec.

We’ll prepare you for interview

If you need our support, we’ll spend as much time as necessary with you to prepare for your interview - whether that’s on the phone, on Skype or even face-to-face, if you’d prefer. 

We’ll talk you through our understanding of the role, tell you what we know about the company and suggest topics/areas of expertise which you should focus on. Ultimately we want you to go into your interview calm, confident and prepared, so that you have the best possible chance of success.

We’ll fairly represent you

We won’t raise your hopes by submitting you for a role that we believe isn’t right for you. If you don’t have the necessary skills and experience, or if you don’t stack up against the other candidates, we’ll you. We’re transparent in our approach. 

However if we do send your CV to a client, we’ll be fully invested in you. Alongside your CV, we’ll include a statement outlining your key skills, important achievements and justification for why we believe that you’re a good fit for them. It’s our job to ‘pitch’ you and get you in front of a prospective employer.

We’ll provide feedback

A common complaint that we hear from candidates is that they’ve heard nothing after applying for a role directly, or that they’ve received a standard rejection email. This is often the way with larger businesses - especially those that use automated software to scan your CV and cover letter for relevant keywords. As such, you might find yourself being rejected for a role, despite being a great fit. 

If we’ve put you forward for a role, we’ve already qualified you. We know that you tick the right boxes, that you have the right experience and that your aspirations are aligned. So if you don’t get the job, or if you don’t even get an interview, we’ll tell you why. 

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