Four questions that will help you create the perfect recruitment strategy

Looking for the next great addition to your team? It’s exciting when you find a candidate that’s the perfect fit for a role but we know that it can sometimes be hard to find that person. Findings from the Skills West 2017 Business Skills and Training Survey showed that 52% of businesses found it hard to recruit, with 68.5% of them stating that this was because of having a lack of applicants with the relevant skills and qualifications. 

Next time you’re on the lookout for a new member of staff, consider the four points below. They could help you to find your next great employee by thinking outside the box:


30 September 2018

1: Do you actually need to recruit?


Traditionally the role you’re looking to fill may have needed a dedicated in-house employee. But is that definitely still the case today? It’s worth considering whether the role in question could now be outsourced or even automated. Is it crucial that an employee works on this full-time as a permanent member of the team or would a fixed-term contract be a more useful solution? Are you certain that you have the budget for the role that you are looking to recruit?


2: Can you diversify?


When recruiting it can be tempting to fill roles with candidates who remind us of successful hires we’ve made before. We can also be drawn to candidates with a similar education or ethnicity to us without realising, this is called unconscious bias.


However there’s so much to be gained from diversifying your workforce. This involves purposefully choosing candidates who have skills that don’t yet feature in your current staff team - perhaps because these candidates have a different background or range of experience. According to a study by McKinsey, companies with clear gender diversity are 15% more likely to achieve financial returns above the industry average.


This figure is growing, too: companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are 21% more likely to enjoy above-average profitability when compared to companies in the bottom quartile. The gains are even more impressive for companies with strong ethnic diversity, who are likely to see over 30% more profitability than those with lesser diversity.

3: Could you offer flexible working?

Bringing in flexibility as an option at your organisation can prove very useful in terms of supporting your recruitment strategy as well as retaining your existing employees. Flexible employment is an umbrella term for many different ways of working including:

- Remote working
- Early/late start and finish times
- Compressed hours
- Working seasonally
- Shift work
- Job sharing

These options can be useful for those who are committed to their career but also have personal responsibilities such as young children or a relative who needs care. They’re also the perfect option for employees who want to pursue passions outside of their career or to take on voluntary work.

Studies show that offering flexible working should greatly increase the pool of applicants available to you. Not only does it boost your reputation as an employer, it’s also important to note that 46% of working people in the UK (14 million) want to work flexibly but only 1 in 10 roles are advertised with flexibility.


4: What do employees want?


What makes your staff feel valued and fulfilled at work? Whether you’re looking to take on new employees or successfully retain your existing staff, considering their motives and mindset is essential.


There are a number of factors to take into account on this front so we’ve picked out some of the important wants and needs employees often express for you to consider:


  • The chance to make a difference and have their ideas heard
  • The opportunity to have measurable and obtainable goals set for them to achieve
  • The ability to take ownership of tasks and have responsibilities at work
  • Feedback on how well they’re doing, in terms of achieving their goals and progressing in their career


To find out more about recruitment strategies and how to include more flexibility in yours, get in touch with us today.